Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Finale

Hey, this is my final post ever.  I know everyone must be crushed (sarcasm intended).  This is a reflection over my 20x project over the past school year.  Overall I'd have to say this was a great experience.  No, I'm not just saying this to kiss up; I genuinely liked this project.  At the beginning of the year this project seemed like the bane of my existence.  But now, as it comes to a close, I see it as a wonderful part of the past year.

Don't get me wrong, there were some things I would've like to have done differently.  I think that a blog post every week would be better than alternating every other week.  It would have forced me to work at a faster pace, so that I would have more to talk about sooner.  I wish that more people had commented on my blog. I know it sounds a bit narcissistic, but it would be nice to know if I'm writing these blog posts to someone, that someone other than me cares about this project.  I barely got any feed back and it frustrated me a little.  After realizing that this was bothering me, I noticed I was a hypocrite, while complaining about not getting comments, I myself didn't comment on other people's blogs.  If I were to re-do my experience with the project I would try to invest myself with other's projects, to be more involved outside of my own work.  It would be nice if one Friday was designated every month for looking at everyone else's projects.

Despite what I mentioned above, the good of this project outweighed the bad.  Once I had chosen poetry as my project, I knew what I was going to do.  This forced me to learn about myself, what I think and feel.  I was shocked to find out how much little things like music affected my emotions.  By pressing my emotions on paper I've become better at expressing them out loud.  I've been forced to face some flaws in my character and have started to work to address them.  This project gave me a creative outlet, which I needed with my heavy academic work load.  When I felt like nothing was going right and nothing would get better, I had my poetry to siphon off all of the negativity, making me feel lighter.  Some of what the things the project made me do may not sound fun, but learning about myself was something that I needed to do.

Ive always liked poetry, but this showed my how I write.  I discovered that I love free verse; I hate following other kinds of poems' restrictions.  I developed a love for word connotation (lame I know). When I can think of a good one, metaphors are my favorite.  Theses things have improved my writing all around and the way I speak.  I may not have cured cancer, or changed the world around me in anyway, but my 20x project changed my world.

I'm giving my speech this Friday at 7:15 in the morning.  I have to admit that I have written none of  my speech, zip, zero, nada.  I know great planning on my part, especially with the softball double headers I have all week.  i do, however know what idea I want to center my speech around.  What I learned from this project is that I've made a new friend.  Cliche, right?  The whole thing will support the idea that my poetry have been a (metaphorical) friend to me through out the past school year.

On that note I'm going to sign off my last blog post with the poem I wrote for my mom for Mother's Day:

Every time I've looked to the past
there you have always been,
and every time I would cast
away what you really mean.
You're the rock that keeps me grounded
to the little sanity in life.
It's you who keeps me surrounded
with the love that sets things right.
It's you I need to thank
for always being there.
It's you who is always frank,
telling me what I need to hear.
It's you I'll always love,
who will love me in return,
because a mother's love is high above
fragility, it cannot be overturn.

Thanks so much for a great year!