Sunday, March 8, 2015

Poe-ssibly Publishing

Hey, I finished editing the poems I talked about last post. I'll sign off with the shortest one. I also mentioned righting a gothic lit inspired piece. We recently read Edgar Allen Poe's piece "The Raven" in class. I started a story, in poem form, inspired by the famous piece. It isn't finished. Each stanza has      an a-b-c-b-b rhyme pattern. It is about a women who is left at the altar and her ghost's revenge upon the man who left her, and his family.  I've tried to incorporate tons of symbolism, like Poe did in his stories. I' not finished yet,  but it is a work in progress.

On another note, I said last time that I was considering self-publishing, once I do complete my book. I heard my english teacher talking to another student about self-publishing. He said that it is easier to self-publish through Amazon, and that it can be done for free. I looked briefly at the cite for publishing one's book on the kindle. I didn't dig super deep, but the process looked fairly simpler.  If I do end up self-publishing my book I will probably do it through Amazon.

On that positive note, I'd like to say adieu.


Tchh...Tchh...crash the waves
   upon the sandy shore line
     like a strong heart beat



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