Sunday, February 22, 2015

Long Term Planning

Hey, I've just gotten back from mid-winter break;  I was visiting family in Florida. I wrote a few short, fun poems, while I was gone. I want to add on to them; to improve them, to try to create some depth to the poems.  They were all inspired by the environment that Florida provided.  One is about the beach, one is about relaxation, and another is about the sun and air.  I'm not going to post any this year, because I want to work on them a little more.

I'm considering writing a poem about insanity/fear. I just finished reading Bag of Bones by Stephen King, and the story kinda freaked me out.  I think it would be a good pic to put in real emotion.  I was read about 530 pages of crazy in 3 days, so my brain is still trying to process the novel, and writing about it would help to understand it a bit better.

I've been thinking about the final product of this project.  I'm thinking about looking into self publishing.  I consider myself a realist; I'm not going to write a full book of awesome poetry by the end of the year, it will take more time than that.  I want to plan for later, for when I do write enough to actually have a whole book.  a friend of mine wrote his own book last year, and he looked into self publishing himself. I'll ask him about it and try to do some research on the topic in addition to writing my poems.

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