Sunday, January 25, 2015

Confession Time

I know it's a half-assed excuse, but having had semester 1 finals the past week, I've only written one poem over the past two week. While I was studying for my exams my brain was fried, it was as if all my creative juices had sizzled away. Outside of my exams it has been a stressful time for my mother, she was writing her annual meeting address, as the Head Warden of our church. I've been trying to make it easier for her. Any free time I had was spent binding choral sheet music.  I had had six sets of   pieces I had promised to bind for my choir director.

Today, however, my mom gave her address. She cried, but I had never been prouder of her than at that moment. I know it sounds kinda a reversed situation, but she had worked so hard and so long for three years, that I started to tear up too. Now that all that stress has been lifted off our shoulders, I'm going to try to tap into the pride I had for my mother, using it as inspiration for a new poem this evening.

Now, time to talk about what I actually accomplished. The previous week, I had already started glancing over my notes for the American Lit. exam. Reading over all the stuff we had discussed about transcendentalism inspired me to write something about individuality.  As you may or may not know, R. W. Emerson said "...imitation is suicide...", and I completely concur.  I hate it when people go around trying to be something they are not. It is one thing to admire someone, but going out of your way to 'have the same purse' as some celebrity is just shallow, and boring.  I ended up writing a four stanza poem, each with four lines. Each stanza had an A-B-A-B rhyming pattern I call it The Fall.

Here are the first and final stanzas of my poem:

Imitation is beige;
bland and boring.
From age to age,
society is a lemming.

Beige has never been
the color for me.
It's one's final sin;
something I will never be.

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