Wednesday, November 5, 2014



I realized today, that I never explained why I chose poetry, of all things, for my project. I have always loved writing poetry in my english classes over the years.  To me, poetry is music with out different pitches. I found analyzing poems fascinating. Looking for a deeper meaning within the text helped me understand how I think a bit better, and helped me to look at the world a little differently.

The past year, I had tried to create my own book of poetry, but I never consistently sat down and composed many peaces.  Most of my poems had no deep meaning. They were fandom inspired.  They had no substance to them.  By choosing more meaningful themes, I hope to express myself and perhaps inspire others in these pieces.  So far this week, I have written three poems based on the theme,restlessness. I feel restlessness is a vastly more in depth and complex topic than last year's poem based on Dr. Who.

By writing this poetry book I wish to learn more about my self as a person. I'll also have both a creativity and an emotional outlet. In my academically oriented school day, I don't usually get a opportunity to just be creative for fun, there is always a grade, or deadline for me to rush towards. This twenty time project gives me the chance to have the outlet I need.

While writing these poems throughout the year, I hope to improve upon my literary techniques, like connotation, imagery, and flow. I see creating this book as a chance to learn on many different fronts, while fulfilling something I have wanted to do for a while.



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