Friday, December 5, 2014


Dear readers, I have a confession to make. I only wrote one poem this week.  I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. I'll try to get more done next week. Hopefully, I'll have less to do than I had the past week. 
However, I'm proud of the poem that I did compose. I was staring out the window during my third hour, and the trees looked so bare. It marveled me that all the trees could have been vibrantly colored just a month ago. The result of this thought was the poem I'll sign off with today.


Bright and dark green alike,
shift to crimson and amber.
The rolling forests transform,
into a sea of fire.

Stiffening, humid air, we breathed.
Now, it's crisp, like an apple,
cool, clean, and refreshing.
Each inhale is gratifying.

But, soon, all too soon,
the blazing trees fade to brown.
The fresh air becomes so cold,
it turns your lungs to ice.



Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Song Without a Score

Hey, I've thought really hard and really long about the decision I have made concerning the problems I talked about in my last post.  I've decided to remove my weekly theme for my poems. I know what you guys must be thinking (if any one is actually reading this), 'What a lazy bum she must be.' I've decided that maintaining a theme throughout each week of poems, goes against my view of poetry. How can my poetry express what I feel if I am writing a poem about being happy if I'm feeling down? Poetry is supposed to flow as inspiration comes and goes. By forcing my self to write a poem that I didn't really feel at the moment, I didn't write true poetry; I wrote about false emotions. That is not okay! I will still try to work on a poem every day. My poetry will vary more in mood, but it will be, as corny as it sounds, more from my heart.

I've also been a little repetitive with the kind of poems I'm writing. During this project I'd like to experiment with different poetry format, so I'll try to do some research on different poems this next week.

Since my inner battle this week was about my outlook on poetry, the poem I'm signing off with is about poetry.  
Song without pitches,
A soul without a body,
Sighing emotion.



Saturday, November 15, 2014

Being Overwhelmed

   Hey, I'm going to pretend you care, and tell you about my week. Don't worry it is relevant to my project. This week has been pretty crazy in term of my work load. I had two presentations, three tests, and an essay,on top of everyday homework and the 20x project. Over all, I've been swamped. I felt panicked, sleeping terribly, and was stressed the whole time. So, my theme for my poetry this week was "being overwhelmed."
    So far, I've written two free verse poems and one haiku. I my last post, I said that I wanted to use this as an outlet for emotions I don't normally get a chance express very eloquently. Based on just on my experience this week my poems have done just that. After I composed each poem in tutorial, I felt a little bit better. 
   Truth be told, however, by my third poem on the subject, my poems sound a little repetitive. I feel I've exhausted the subject. There is only so many times I can express the same emotion in a short span of time. My outlook on the topic of the week isn't going to shift much over seven days. I'm debating to not have a topic of the week, and to just write what I feel at the moment, because of that reason. 
   It may no be a factor, but I've been listening to the same music every day while I write my pieces. the Three Days Grace music isn't exactly uplifting. Should I not listen to music when I write? Do you think it will affect my mood too much? 

  I decided I'll post a shorter poem from each week in my post. Here is this week's.

                                                   Drowning in my life
                                               To much for me to handle
                                                   Much to do, no time


Wednesday, November 5, 2014



I realized today, that I never explained why I chose poetry, of all things, for my project. I have always loved writing poetry in my english classes over the years.  To me, poetry is music with out different pitches. I found analyzing poems fascinating. Looking for a deeper meaning within the text helped me understand how I think a bit better, and helped me to look at the world a little differently.

The past year, I had tried to create my own book of poetry, but I never consistently sat down and composed many peaces.  Most of my poems had no deep meaning. They were fandom inspired.  They had no substance to them.  By choosing more meaningful themes, I hope to express myself and perhaps inspire others in these pieces.  So far this week, I have written three poems based on the theme,restlessness. I feel restlessness is a vastly more in depth and complex topic than last year's poem based on Dr. Who.

By writing this poetry book I wish to learn more about my self as a person. I'll also have both a creativity and an emotional outlet. In my academically oriented school day, I don't usually get a opportunity to just be creative for fun, there is always a grade, or deadline for me to rush towards. This twenty time project gives me the chance to have the outlet I need.

While writing these poems throughout the year, I hope to improve upon my literary techniques, like connotation, imagery, and flow. I see creating this book as a chance to learn on many different fronts, while fulfilling something I have wanted to do for a while.



Friday, October 17, 2014

The Choice has Been Made...

   I've decided what goal to work towards for my 20x, year long project. At first, I was convinced I was going to teach myself Japanese. As you probably guessed by the "At first" that is no longer my plan. It's not that I no longer want to learn the language, but rather, that I didn't find a program I liked to learn the language.  They either involved buying a lot of expensive technological equipment, or they didn't provide enough information for to be willing to sign up. 
  No that I ruled out Japanese as something I want to work on, I've decided to create a book of poetry.  Every day, except Sunday, I'll write a poem based off of a weekly theme. On Sunday I'm going to review my poems from that week. That way my brain has a break, and can look at the freshly, and I can adjust the words to flow better.
   Today, I'm laying out some possible weekly themes. If you have any ideas feel free to share them.